Why you MUST be Connected Online!

Why Donegal Business MUST be connected!
 Social media managers and marketers work tirelessly to crack the algorithm secrets of Facebook. To gameify Pinterest and Twitter, and post at the “most engaging times” according to sites like Buffer — but is the pay-to-play method creating truly engaged fans? If a post “reaches” a million fans and followers, but only 100 interact, is it still effective?

For those brands with limited (or no) advertising budget, social media is an essential tool for marketing — that’s nothing new. Now, however, with Facebook’s organic engagement dropping up to 88%, many brands are forced to choose between paying to truly “reach” their fans, or turning to another platform -- but what about the content? Removing the algorithms from Facebook and thinking about the content, which mediums (photos, links, video, text) will help to best tell your story? What resonates with your audience? You have a group of fans that always see your content, they always like, comment, share and engage with you. They reply to your call to actions, convert to your other channels, and buy your products. Create quality content with these consumers in mind, and slowly you build more of them.

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